Monday, June 17, 2013

Save Money Today with Electronic Cigarettes

You know, for a human made invention, cigarettes are treated like the devil. Smokers are constantly being harassed by others – “Get out of the way, you are passing on second hand smoke” – or being asked to move or accommodate themselves for others. Not only is this incredibly unfair on the smoker, but it puts you in a position where you cannot enjoy something, albeit damaging to your system, that you want to do.
Especially in the USA, with the smoking ban removing the ability to smoke while having a quiet drink with friends, you are now asked to brace the arctic weather to have a smoke. Not only is this ostracizing to those of us who smoke, the regular increase in price for cigarettes has made enjoying a smoke one of the most expensive habits in the world.
However, smokers are beginning to have the tide turned in their favor – with electronic cigarettes.
What is an Electronic Cigarette?
Electronic Cigarettes are a safe and effective way for you to enjoy a smoke. Not only do you help the environment, but you help your lungs and your bank balance by buying these beauties. Safe, clean and efficient, the electronic cigarette will not do you anywhere near as much damage in the long term.
Benefits of an Electronic Cigarette
Electronic cigarettes look like the real thing – the difference is, when you inhale a draw, you do not produce smoke, you release a vapour instead. Although inhaled just like tobacco, the vapour is much healthier for you, and is actually cheaper and safer than tobacco.
So not only can you save money on your cigarette bill, you are improving your body by using an electronic cigarette. No more cigarette cartons laying around the house that cost you £4 for ten smokes, with an electronic cigarette you can have an enjoyable smoke without the constant worry about your health or your wallet.
How it works
Electronic Cigarettes rely on using battery power, not only is it better for the environment as there is no stubs lying around the place, but it is cleaner too as there is no ash. One refill cartridge, bought from most stores that sell tobacco, will cover you for around fifteen cigarettes. You can buy a refill for around 80p, meaning you can get roughly 50 electronic cigarettes for the same cost as buying 10 normal cigarettes. You can buy a different volume of nicotine in your electronic cartridges, too, allowing you to find your right level. You can pick up Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits from a variety of places, from supermarkets to small individual stores.


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